A new collection of Vyšehrad merchendise of 2021

The collection employ the patterns of the Romanesque relief tiles found in Vyšehrad, the middle ages coins minted in the area and the motif of a star from the new logo of NKP Vyšehrad. It was designed by the authors of the new visual identity of the organisation, Jan Matoušek and Miroko Maroko.

The Vyšehrad’s original T-shirts, cloth bags, pencils, colored pencils, notebooks, stickers, magnets and tatoos are sold in the information center Vyšehrad or online in our e-shop.

We offer
— Colored pencils set, 5 colors: 95 Kč
— Pencil with rubber: 20 Kč
— Temporary tatoo, set of 6 tatoos: 50 Kč
— Stickers, set of 6 pieces: 25 Kč
— Cotton T-shirt, female/male, size S (female only), M, L, XL: 250 Kč
— Magnet, 4 motifs options: 30 Kč a piece
— Cloth bag with the patterns of Vyšehrad relief tiles: 95 Kč
— Cloth bag with the logo of Vyšehrad: 95 Kč
— Notebook with a pencil: 225 Kč

And besides the new souvenirs we remind you also two books, published by our organisation in the recent years:

— Faces of Vyšehrad – guidebook, Czech/English version: 90 Kč
— The Historic Faces of Vyšehrad, Czech/English version: 320 Kč