Peter Juhás

The twenty-six-year-old Slovak singer-songwriter has been intensively involved in music for ten years, likes to oscillate between genres and has also worked in several bands. His success in the TV competition The Voice Česko Slovensko in 2019 motivated him to write his own songs and perform solo concerts, and in 2020 with the support of the competition judge Jana Kirschner, he released his debut album Poctený životom (Honored by Life), which exudes creative diversity, joy of music and singing, and gratitude for the fulfillment of a young musician’s dream.

At the Vyšehrad open-air concert, alone with a guitar, he will mainly play his own songs not only from this record and will certainly excite the Prague audience with his positive energy.

Peter Juhás’ summer concert will take place in the park in front of the Old Burgrave’s House for a voluntary admission fee, only in case of bad weather it will be moved to the chamber hall inside the house.

The sixth night of the brand new concert season at the Old Burgrave’s House MUSIC AT VYŠEHRAD.


The voluntary admission fee is collected directly on the spot, in the park in front of the Old Burgrave’s House.