The saxophonist Luboš Soukup, together with his longtime musical colleague, German pianist Christian Pabst, has prepared a brand new repertoire, which was released as the album “Levitas” under the Czech label Animal Music. They will present this music at an exclusive concert at Vyšehrad in Prague.

“Levitas” is primarily inspired by jazz music, but also draws from folk and classical influences. You can look forward to a finely-tuned and harmonious duo.

The musicians met in Denmark almost 10 years ago. At that time, both were living in Copenhagen and studying at the local music academy. Their very first collaboration showed that they were not only artistically but also personally very close. This initial encounter led to numerous concerts throughout Europe. In addition to the new album “Levitas,” the musicians have recorded two other albums: “Through the Mirror” (2013) and “Země” (2017), featuring internationally renowned guitarist Lionel Loueke.


In pre-sale (until 14.11.): 170 CZK,
On the day of the concert + at the venue: 200 CZK

Seating only, seats are not numbered.
20-minute break after the first part.