Latinoamerican & original songs

The trio of singer Marta Töpferová is dedicated to the rich tradition of Latin American songs. Their repertoire consists of rhythms and styles such as Chilean cueca, Argentinian chacarera and zamba, Venezuelan joropo and vals, Andean huayno and a selection of original songs. Marta Töpferová’s unique velvet voice with her own accompaniment on Venezuelan cuatro and percussion, together with the colourful accompaniment of Ladislav Muron’s flutes and Peter Korman’s double bass, is indeed a combination that transports the listener to an unusual and lively musical landscape.

Marta Töpferová - vocal, cuatro, guitar, percussion
Ladislav Muroň - flutes
Peter Korman - double bass


Presale (until 18 June): 170 CZK,
On the day of the concert + at the venue: 200 CZK

Seating only, seats are not numbered.

Marta Töpferová is one of the most interesting singers and songwriters of her generation. In her youth, she sang classical and folk music in choirs in the Czech Republic and the United States for eight years. After emigrating to the USA in 1987, she became fluent in Spanish and established herself as a distinctive artist and composer of Latin American music. The London Times described Marta as “one of the most graceful interpreters of Latin American folk music”. Marta’s deep voice, lyrical songs and unique four-string cuatro and guitar accompaniment have captivated audiences around the world. She has established herself in the New York music scene, collaborating with the finest musicians in Latin, jazz and classical music, and this experience is reflected in the unique stylistic mix of her own work. In 2012 Marta returned to the Czech Republic and began writing songs in her native language inspired by Moravian folklore and Slavic music for her new ensemble Milokraj. In addition to her own lyrics, Marta has set to music poems by Věra Provazníková, Jan Zahradníček and others. To date, Marta Töpferová has released nine albums containing mostly her own works: This World (2017, Moravia Publishing), Reencuentros (2016, Senderos), Milokraj (2013, Animal Music), The Other Shore (2011, World Village), Trova (2009, World Village), Flor Nocturna (2006, World Village), La Marea (2005, World Village), Sueño Verde (2003, Circular Moves) and Homage to Homeland (2002, self-produced). Marta is internationally recognized as one of the leading exponents of world music, having toured Europe, the USA, Canada, Argentina and Thailand, and appearing on major stages such as. She has appeared on stage at the Queen Elisabeth Hall in London, the Blue Note in New York and the Bardentreffen Festival in Nuremberg.