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The Tábor GateRemains of the Špička ("Peak") Gate The Jedlička InstituteThe house of Popelka Biliánová Building of directory NKP Vyšehrad The Leopold GateSt Martin's RotundaWayside shrines Church of Decollation of St. John The Baptist The Chapel of Our Lady of the Ramparts GorliceThe Vyšehrad CasematesThe Brick (Prague) GateThe Devil's PillarThe New DeaneryThe old deaneryThe Early Romanesque Basilica of St Lawrence and the pre-Romanesque buildings The Old Burgrave's ResidenceGOTHIC CELLAR The Vyšehrad Gallery The Baths of LibušeRemains of The Portal ot The Baroque ArmouryThe Capitular Church of SS Peter & Paul Sculptural groups by J. V. Myslbek Remains of The walls of The Romanesque stone bridgeSlavín (Pantheon) The Vyšehrad Cemetery Stone statue of St LudmillaSt. Sebastian Medallion to geologist prof. KrejčíThe Old Provost's Residence The New Provost's ResidenceMonument to Provost V. ŠtulcST. WENCESLAS - BY J. J. BENDL Open-air theatreMedieval Well PLAYGROUND


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